Dexterix 4.0

Organised by,
School of Computing Science and Engineering
Galgotias University, Greater Noida
May 28-29, 2023
Dexterix 2.0

(International Hybrid Hackathon)

About the Event

Dexterix is Galgotias University’s largest hackathon, organized by University’s School of Computing Science and Engineering. It is a tech-focused themed competitive event that holds host to participants from more than 100+ colleges and universities from around India, capturing the spirit of innovation while fostering a love for technology and its beautiful application in all areas of life.

In its current iteration, students shall spend 24 hours working away, targeting one of 8 themes representing different industries and areas of application. That’s just one side to it however, for in a first, Dexterix 4.0 splits the event into two tracks: corporate level and student level, allowing not only students, but graduates and individuals currently working in the tech industry to participate for large prizes as well — a step we’re proud to have taken this year, thus expanding upon the sphere of opportunities.

At SCSE, we believe Greater Noida is fertile ground for untold amounts of growth in tech, bearing fresh opportunities for young minds. Through Dexterix, and with sincere support from University, we thus play our part in that growth, while ensuring the culture of creating and building things only strengthens each year, both within Galgotias University and the larger academic circle of the region. From humble beginnings in 2018, Dexterix has brought many thousands together in the shared love for coding and tech. For some, it has acted as their much-needed push to work on greater things in tech — while for some, even acted as their first entrepreneurial spark. That is something worth celebrating time and again.

And so, in its fourth iteration, Dexterix 4.0 intends to be bigger and better than before.

Hackathon Highlights

  • days
  • Hours
  • Minutes
  • Seconds


8 Themes

200 Teams

Free T-Shirts & Swags

(For every participant)

For Student Particpants
(Per theme)

Rs. 11000
First runner up
Second runner up



30 Apr

Registrations start

1 May

Info session

10 May

Workshop Series Starts

23 May

Workshop Series Ends

25 May

Registration Closed

Student Participants

10 AM

Event Commencement

10 AM-1 PM

Participants Code

1 PM

First Evaluation Round

3 PM-5 PM

Code Code Code

6 PM

Second Evaluation Round

10 PM

Day Wrap Up

Day-2 9 AM

Third Evaluation Round

12 PM

Dexterix Wrap Up

Dexterix 3.0 Winners

Team :
Team :
Team :
Team :
Team :
Team :
Team :
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Team :

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How big can my team be?

The minimun team size allowed is 4.

The maximum team size allowed is 6.

Can I come individually?

No. A team of minimum 4 members is allowed.


Dexterix 4.0 2022 will be a 24 hours hackathon which will stretch from 28th May to 29th May 2023 (overnight)


Dexterix 4.0 will be conducted in blended mode by Galgotias University, Greater Noida

How much does it cost?

Participation fees is Rs. 300 per person.

What do I need to be ready with for the event?

You require school/college ID, laptops, phone, chargers, extensions.

What is the eligibility criteria?

You must be a student from any University/College or Higher Secondary School in India.

Any more queries?

You can email us at: